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3 Ways To Update Your Bathroom On a Budget

Your bathroom is a place where you spend a lot of time through the day and it’s also a place most visitors will see at some point. Since it’s a highly used part of your home, it’s a good idea to update it once some of the items have seen some heavy use.

Remodeling your bathroom not only makes it look and feel better, it also adds a ton of value to the price of your home. Let’s look at 5 cheap ways you can update your bathroom without breaking the bank.

#1 New tile in the shower

If your shower is looking a bit dated and worn out, adding some new tiles on the wall and flooring will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Our first choice would be this large wall tile with some small textured tile as the floor, but your options are nearly endless.

If you prefer a more subtle and white bathroom, you can always go the famous Subway Tile route as well.

#2 Change up that dull and dated lighting

When you walk into a bathroom, the first thing you do is flip on the light. As something that is seen by everyone, why would you want it to look old and boring? Updating your lighting in the bathroom can make a huge difference. Here’s a few ideas on what you could do.

Try adding a light like the one shown below in between your double sinks and mirrors. It creates a nice focal point and fills the empty space.

Want something that stands out? Add a statement lighting piece over your bathtub!

#3 Change your countertop and sink to something fresh and new!

If your house is more than 10 years old, odds are high that your countertop is rather boring. If your house is older than that, it might just be made of cardboard. Instantly increase the eye appeal by changing out the counter around your sink. While you’re doing this, you should also update the sink as well. It won’t add much more to the cost and you can do so much more with it.

Here’s a few ideas you can use.

This mix of wood, white countertops with black sinks really lightens up the place.

For something different, you can use wood as your actual counter top. This looks great.

With so many ways you can improve your bathroom, it’s important to hire someone that will do the job right. Call Hank’s today and we’ll help you upgrade your bathroom from the smallest detail to the full renovation!

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