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5 Awesome Ways To Improve Your Kitchen On A Budget

While you spend a lot of time in many areas of the home, there’s more time spent in the kitchen than anywhere else. It’s a place to gather with family, cook your favorite meals and get closer together at the dinner table. While your kitchen more than likely gets the job done, there are a few ways you can make it even better!

Here are five ways you can improve your kitchen, without spending all of your savings.

#1 Get a New Faucet

The sink is one of those things that gets used the most and also noticed first. If your sink still has the original faucet, more than likely it looks old and out of date. By simply picking up and installing a new and more modern faucet, you can increase the appeal of your kitchen. Installing a new faucet is fast if you have the right tools and know what you’re doing.

#2 Change The Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are another focal point of the kitchen that everyone notices very quickly. Improving your lighting in the kitchen can be cheap any easy. Just go to the store and choose something that will pop! Once the new new lights are installed, it’s one step closer to a whole new kitchen experience.

#3 Paint Your Cabinets/Get New Doors

Nothing gets more use and looks in the kitchen than your cabinets. It’s not only a place to store all your food and gadgets, it’s also a large chunk of the design. If you want to increase the wow factor, just hire Hank’s To Paint Your Cabinets And Install New Doors in Plano, TX. You’ll be close to a new kitchen in just a few hours time.

#4 Add a New Backsplash

Some kitchens just have a regular wall or old ugly tile as the backsplash. This one simple change can totally transform the look of your kitchen. Installing a new backsplash or updating the old one will go a long way in helping you build the kitchen of your dreams.

#5 Update the Hardware

Last but not least is something that just about anyone can easily do if you have a screwdriver. Changing out the hardware on your cabinets and drawers will give you that new look in the shortest amount of time possible. Get rid of those old and ugly drawer pulls and door knobs. You’ll be happy you did!

If you do any of these 5 things to update your kitchen, or even all of them, you’re well on your way to a new and exciting kitchen that the whole family can enjoy. If you need any of these done, just call Hank’s Handyman and we’ll get your kitchen looking fresh!

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