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5 Simple Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Summer Heat

Summer is here and it’s time to get outside and enjoy all of the fun things you can do with the family in your backyard. But before you go crazy with the backyard cookouts, you need to do a few things around the house to make sure you’re prepared for the intense heat. It’s a good idea to check a few things so you won’t be shocked if something goes wrong when the temperature reaches over 100 degrees.

In this article we’ll talk about some things you should take care of around the house before the Summer scorcher sets in.

#1 Wash your Windows and Screens

Spring and Winter can really give your windows a beating between all the snow and torrential rain that they get hit with. It’s important to make sure your glass is clean and the screens don’t have any leftover dirt that could blow into your home when the windows are open.

Your windows will be very dirty before Summer hits. By taking the time to have them cleaned, you’ll be able to use them as they were intended. So let the breeze blow as you stare through those freshly cleaned windows!

#2 Clean out your garage

More than likely, you’ll have all of your tools shoved into a corner of the garage after you put them away for the Winter. Now that Spring and Summer have arrived, you’ll need to get them out to use. It’s a good idea to clean out your garage and make sure all your tools are in good shape before Summer hits. So clean out that garage and save yourself the headache of digging out the mower before it’s too late.

#3 Have Your Air Conditioning Checked

You’ll want to be ready for the heat, so it’s important to have your air conditioning fully checked and serviced before it gets too hot. By having your AC fixed before the heat comes you’ll be ahead of the Summer heat and ready for any heat that comes your way!

#4 Seal All The Cracks

That hot air can really do a number on the efficiency of your AC, and it can get really expensive if you have some areas of the house that are not sealed correctly. Call Hank’s today and we’ll come out to seal that hot air and leave it outside. Check all your windows and doors for leaks so you won’t have a higher bill than you need to.

#4 Clean Your Grill

Any finally, drag that grill out a give it a good cleaning. It’s probably got a bunch of leftover gunk from last years BBQ adventures. By getting the grill out early and giving it a good clean, you’ll be ready to just turn the grill on and get to the good stuff faster, like eating!

If you need help getting you home prepared for Summer, just give Hank’s a call and we’ll be at your home in no time.

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