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Door Repairs

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Door Repair

Let’s face it, out of all the items in your home doors are one of the most used items you likely have. They take the most beating with their constant opening and closing. Due to this amount of usage they tend to take on a lot of wear and tear.

Oftentimes you find yourself staring back at a bedroom or bathroom door you may have unintentionally shut just a bit too hard, and there it is, the big ugly crack you just put into your door. Don’t fret, Hank’s specialized technicians are here to help you. Whatever it may be, from a fresh coat of paint on that interior or exterior door, to entire door replacement, Hank’s is here for you. We specialize in, but are not limited to:


● Replacing cracks or holes in doors

● Replacing or repairing storm doors

● Installing pet door for those furry family members

● Repairing or replacing sliding glass doors

● Adding in new doors such as French doors and much more


No door job is too big or too small for us, give Hank’s a call at 972-362-4330, and we will look forward to helping you with all of your repair wants and needs.

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