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Why You Should Hire a Pro To Mount Your TV On The Wall

There’s nothing like the feeling of going to the store and picking out your new flat screen TV. You throw it in the back of the truck and race home, excited to mount it on your wall or brick just over the fireplace. Suddenly, reality hits after you spend 2 hours trying to get it hung, only to fail miserably.

“I should have just hired somebody” races through your brain after you sit there, defeated on your couch wishing you could be watching your favorite movie already. That’s where Hank’s comes in to rescue you.

In this article we’ll go over the reason why you should have your TV on the wall and why you should hire a professional to get it done for you.

Hiring A Pro Is Safer!

There are some things you can go cheap on in life, but hanging your TV on the wall by yourself should not be one of them. If you fail to secure your TV properly it could not only damage the device, but can also cause harm to your children if it happens to fall on them. While these flatscreen TVs are thin, some of them can still be very heavy. It’s best to leave the install up to a professional so you can reduce the risk of harm you your house and also family members. You don’t want to drop it or have it come loose.

It’s a much cleaner look!

The days of having a gigantic home entertainment center are numbered. With a flatscreen TV, you can toss out that bulky furniture and roll with a much cleaner look. Combine your TV with a sound bar and it gets even better. Your TV can be at the center of the room without taking up all the space.

Can get a larger tv

Now that you have that old bulky Tv out of the way you can go for a bigger size. By mounting the TV on a wall, you can use it as a centerpiece for the room not only to watch your favorite show, but also play cool art scenes on it while away. That bigger TV on the wall now has so many more uses.

Ability to add swivel mount

With a wall mount you’re not limited to just a one-size-fits-all solution. You can mount it in a stationary position, or use a swivel mount so it can been seen from any angle in the room. That’s kind of neat!

So why do you need a Handyman/Pro to install this for you?

Most people think that installing a wall mount for your TV is super simple. It’s really not. You need to properly measure your holes and, depending on the size, find the studs in your walls to drill into. This can be a difficult process for many reasons.

Do you have all the tools? Did you make sure it was securely mounted? Can your small child easily pull it off the wall?

By hiring Hank’s Handyman to mount your TV, you save a ton of time and frustration. We’ll make sure your TV is mounted in the best part of the room in the safest way possible, giving you peace of mind that it’s done right the first time.

Call Hank’s today for all your install needs!

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